Jordan Davis

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Ampson Hagan

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Julio Gutierrez

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Julio Villa-Palomino

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Lucía Stavig  has won the Helen Safa Prize, Gender Section, LASA (Latin American Studies Association) for her paper “Unwittingly Agreed: Fujimori, Neoliberal Governmentality, and the Inclusive Exclusion of Campesinas in the World of Women’s Rights.”

Julio Villa-Palomino was awarded the Society for Psychological Anthropology/Lemelson Foundation Fellowship for his summer research project entitled, “De-Institutionalization Unfolding: The Ongoing Transition to Community Mental Health in Lima, Peru”


Ampson Hagan has won the Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship 2018-2020 (Niger); and the UNC Graduate School – Off-Campus Dissertation Fellowship 2018-2019.


Jordan’s project explores battle rap as a competitive, artistic black space that serves as a site for the creation and maintenance of local realities

Isa Godinez fieldwork examinates the changes in the sociocultural and physical environment brought about by international migration and how these are reflected in human biology and health







Maja Jeranko explores how communities adapt to the newly-built housing settlements in the province of Manabí, Ecuador after the 2016 earthquake.

Julio Villa-Palomino‘s research focuses on the ongoing transition to community mental health in Carabayllo, Lima, Peru.


ANTH89 – Blackness and Racialization

The First Year Seminar Race, Racialization, and Blackness: A Multidimensional Perspective (ANTH 89), was designed to prepare students to think and talk intelligently about race. At the end of the semester students must demonstrate what they’ve learned, how their thinking on race has evolved, and what they can do with what they have learned. Here are several student presentations of their course learning.

Emma Rolader

Kate Rice

Phillippe Garay

Sanjana Rao

Crystal Villine